September 08, 2008

Climate change warning ... for hell

Satan is going to have to get himself some thermal underwear this winter and the damned souls will be building snowmen, I've just found something to agreed with with a Labour minister! The shocking cause of the infernal climate change is the cross party plan to stop migrant workers from moving to this country, and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne's rejection of it. The cross party group has called for a cap on immigration Liam Byrne has rejected it as unnecessary, OK only unnecessary rather than unworkable, illiberal and stupid. Still that is a small step in the correct direction towards correct response to finding people that actually want to come here, join our society, and work of throwing the doors open to the world and shouting "come in, we loooove you!" Admittedly my open doors approach does require the abolition of the Welfare State to avoid getting swamped by freeloaders, but then abolishing the Welfare State is something that we should be doing anyway.


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